Why hire us?

  1. We take the mystery out of technology solutions by educating you on our decisions. After we work on your project you are the expert too.
  2. We don’t create products we create sustainable strategies.
  3. Our clients experience the results of our work quickly.
  4. You'll save money because of our lean production model.
  5. You receive only what you need, no extra bloat and marked up costs.

No Mystery

Technology solutions are complicated, but don't have to be frightening.

You can spend a lot of money on a web site, or a media solution that doesn't work. Just like hiring a good mechanic, we make sure your stuff works for you.

  • We make decisions based on the result they produce.
  • We will explain the way technology is used, rather than saying something like, "Uh, your site isn't number one on Google, because there is a virus on your server" - We have actually heard that before. (I wish I made that up.)
  • You get the best possible product, at the best possible price.

There can be any variation of issues that lead to a technology product that doesn't work as well as it could. There could be an interface problem, or a the design is too complicated. We will let you know the reasons behind the decisions that we make, and how they directly benefit your business.

The Long Haul

Built to last. Holistic thinking, an end-to-end solution.

Many creative agencies, web designers, developers, and media producers sell a "product." A means to an end model of business. If you need a "website," a "commercial," or "video, that is what you end up with - whether it actually produces the best result it can when its completed is up in the air. The product is just one part of the big picture. Consumerism has proven that products are disposable. We want to create solutions that last.
We don't sell products. The technology we use and the media we create are just pieces of a determined objective. This is results-based media. If you work with us on an entire project, this is what you will receive:

  • Websites made the correct way: coded and designed with current standards. Most up-to-date technologies, so you aren't playing "catch-up" with future updates.
  • All pieces of the pie under one roof: No need to hire an outside consultant, SEO guru, top designer, copy writer, or an awesome photographer. We have talent to spare.
  • Aesthetics + Function: Great looking media that produces results.

Fast Results

Your project goes to work for you at its launch and is continuously effective.

Launch your project » get calls » increase revenue » get results. No matter what you bring to the world, we can help accentuate your value and image; not just for the short term. We aim for sustainable long-term strategies that will continue to work, even after the dust settles.

Lean Production

Many birds, few stones.

Nobody likes paying more than what they need to, but in production media it happens all of the time.
We cut out all of the unneeded things that would cost you more other places, without sacrificing the result.

  • A small team of specialists - Our team is built to order around each project, and made up of creative people that get their hands dirty and are aware of how all of the pieces of each puzzle fit together.
  • We don't outsource outside of your knowledge. - If we bring in any other freelancer or sub-contractor, there is a good reason for it, and you will most-likely be in communication with them during your project.
  • If someone can do the job better than us at a better price, they'll thank us for a referral. We will actually refer you to the company or individual who can do it better. No really, we're not joking.

Already have a quote on a job? Let us know about the scope of your project, we'd love to talk to you about your goals and perhaps we'll even quote you a better price while we're at it.

*No actual birds are harmed in the creation of any media, only figurative ones.

Nothing Extra

Slim, clear, concise, easy.

With so many distractions today, it pays to be simple. Our work makes the complex appear simple.

Our objective is to produce amazing results. Sound Good? Get Involved

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