Make Art, Make a Real City

by: Tony Krol 8 years, 2 months, 22 hours, 48 minutes ago in: culture, process, tampa, web

Its obvious there are concentrated collections of artists in places like New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. There is more inspiration walking down the street in those places for only a few blocks, than in most highly populated areas. Sure, its understood that there’s a higher concentration of people due to established public transportation systems allowing more ideas to become exposed in public – news and culture to travel faster. The amount of creative energy in these places is pulsing. It’s the type of creative energy that makes people want to relocate, to tap into a surrounding that has more to offer. So naturally these creative metro’s with established museums and art connections are appealing to artists.

There are a lot of forces that have to harmonize for a really inspiring and cultured city to take shape. Although the directives that determine the success of art, and forward thinking in any populous area are the same— respect & exposure.

An artists’ value is determined by the ultimate critique of his or her communities interest or knowledge of the art produced. An artist must sell art to survive; with an increase in involvement in art events (and purchase) of artwork from the community more artists are able to survive off of their art alone. In any location, the sale of local art provides motivation to grow a collective or keep one established; which is good for everyone — the artists involved, and the community as a whole. However, for an artist to survive, the community has to be interested, and/or aware of the value in the art culture that surrounds them.

Artists who ban together in any geographic have the power to make a community more culture-rich, and aesthetically enjoyable, and this is what makes art more valuable.

Embrace the work from local artists around you, take some time to appreciate it. Attend art shows. Buy local artwork.

We still have an intention of finishing up our web project that will provide the bay area with ample means of finding out about art events, but until that project is completed, here are some excellent resources. Chime in if I missed any.

Art Publication in Tampa

Reax Music - Music + Culture
Tart Blog

Art Galleries in the Tampa Bay Area

Cafe Hey (Sure, it’s a cafe, but they have new art every month or so)
5 art
Tampa Artists Emporium
Red Letter 1
Palehorse Design + Gallery
Tempus Projects



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