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Products vs. Results

by: Tony Krol 7 years, 6 months, 3 days, 10 hours, 22 minutes ago in: design, featured, function, process, tampa, web

If you have to say your are out of the box, are you really?
When you want a TV, you go to the electronics store and purchase one in a box.

Your business’ image shouldn’t be packaged into boxes like a TV. Although consumers have the choice of many off–the–shelf options for websites and design, these products rarely work for a professional organization, if ever.

There are the free, or incredibly inexpensive options:

“Get a free business card here. We design it. Our logo is on the back.”
“Start your website today with Go-Daddy,, or Yahoo Sites!”

These instant-on services exclaiming that you can have a web or marketing product with minimal effort are problematic. Sure, these solutions are inexpensive, but their results are often illegitimate, or non–existent.

Everyone is a “Web Designer”

Aside from the “do–it–yourself” approach, there are many choices to fulfill your need for a particular marketing solution. Choose an agency that focuses on results. Avoid those that are just cranking out products like a factory. Your solution should deserve individual attention, not just be a block in a time slot, or a means to an invoice. It’s difficult to find an agency that will deal with your project as a “solution” and not a “product”, but all that it takes is a bit of time. It’s like shopping for the right car. Simply ask yourself “How is the presented solution going to reach my goals?” Question the agency who is working on your project, find out who the actual designers and developers are. Meet them. They are the one’s who will be making the most important decisions. Whoever you hire for a marketing solution—particularly in the area of web-related services—the individual or company should be able make it clear how their proposed solution is going to help you reach your goals.

Goal-oriented marketing is more effective. What result do you want for your business out of a project?

More customers? More revenue? Overall business growth? More exposure? Get across a specific message? Enhance your value?

Get specific.

Get Results.

Our objective is to produce amazing results. Sound Good? Get Involved

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