Back in Black II -  T-Shirt Art Exhibit

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The lineup for the show included apparel artists from all over the globe, California, Chicago, New York, London, Montreal, north, south, east, and west. Each of them had the ability, of course, to illustrate some designs that look phenomenal printed in one color of ink on black.

There was Munk One, who does work with Upper Playground, OG Abel, who is an amazing illustrator in analog and digital processes, Brian Morris, Godmachine, Julie West, MAD, Wes Humpston, Tristan Easton, Maxx242, ISO50, Hydro74, 123Klan (note to the kids: to be a t-shirt artist, you must come up with a short prefix, or suffix, and a cool number). You can see the full list of artists at

All of the artwork was hung in the center of the room, there was a three step process to getting your affordable limited artwork. Check out your piece, fill out a card with your print and shirt size, pick up your shirt. Vertical Merchandise was on the stage printing the shirts as they were being ordered.. So if you really wanted to, you could follow your shirt from conception to birth.

I picked up the recession shirt, for me it just summed up the time of day. Although the graphics were not as powerful as many of the other pieces in detail, as art, the shirt just made a blunt statement. R.I.P. recession 2009 was such a connecting image, done by 123Klan. (I also connected with the similarities of the DarkStar skateboard company logo) I’m not sure if this was my favorite shirt as far as aesthetic design, I personally think that the graphic was the probably the simplest out of the lineup. There were some really intricate pieces of art at the show, and it was quite the experience to be exposed to this unique group of collective talent, I think one of the most important aspect of the show as a whole, was learning about some of these artists. Their work is worn all over the world by all types of different people, but the artists themselves are most often the ghost’s of the product. The show was effective at exposing the individuals of this niche art market.

Throughout the night resident Tampa DJ Muggles was on the 1’s and 2’s, and at Midnight the crowd was treated to a live set by Tycho (ISO50). For those who haven’t heard his stuff, I encourage a listen.

You can buy the shirts online until May 31st.

Here is an edit of some of the footage we shot for the live event.

Video Recap

Here are some photos of the event.

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Back in Black II -  T-Shirt Art Exhibit

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