Mac OSX (Snow Leopard) Trash Permissions Issue

“This item will be deleted immediately”

by: Tony Krol 7 years, 2 months, 2 weeks, 1 day, 5 hours, 29 minutes ago in: mac osx, troubleshooting

Thanks to Nate Cinal (Core Training and Consulting), we were recently able to help one of our clients with a trash deleting issue in Mac OSX Snow Leopard.

The Issue

When deleting an item from the desktop, or any user folder, (either by dragging the item to the trash in the dock, or via the key command ⌘ + delete) the Finder would proclaim “Are you sure you want to delete (the file name here)”  “This item will be deleted immediately, you can’t undo this action.”

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Fading Google Homepage

Not useful, but they knew that.

by: Tony Krol 7 years, 4 months, 1 day, 21 hours, 55 minutes ago in: design, web

Google. The search giant. The “Who” for our “What”.

If you go to and wait a second to move your mouse, you’ll notice that the “extra stuff” magically appears.

Is it an exercise of minimalism, or a pointless animation?
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Handmade Web Solutions

thoughtful and honest web design

by: Tony Krol 7 years, 5 months, 2 weeks, 5 days, 21 hours, 29 minutes ago in: design, featured, process, tampa, web

In a world of web design in 2010, there are SEO’s, SEM’s, and its all too complicated. There is a reason the best web developers in the world are still building websites the same way they have been since the beginning of the web. They are building websites for people. SEO is not needed - many clients could save money on SEO practices and simply hire a great copywriter - one who accentuates their relevancy.

Good web design is about the whole picture, the latest trends of “specialty” are just short-lived buzzwords. Enough with the quick buck SEO schemes.
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Result-driven Web Media

Products vs. Results

by: Tony Krol 7 years, 6 months, 3 days, 10 hours, 22 minutes ago in: design, featured, function, process, tampa, web

Consumer products are mass produced, packaged and sold in boxes.

Web design definitely shouldn’t be sold as a product in a box, but in many cases it is. Many clients think “I need a website,” or “I need some design work,” but really what they are seeking is a specific result. A creative “product” is only as good as the result it produces. If the prospective results are determined early in the process the website or design will actually work when the project is completed.
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Back in Black II -  T-Shirt Art Exhibit

by: Tony Krol 8 years, 4 weeks, 16 hours, 28 minutes ago in: art, culture, tampa, video

123KlanApparently when art is applied to threads of clothing, distributed in an atmosphere with some great music and friends at Czar in Ybor City, it’s a recipe that activates the memory glue. Every art or fashion event held at Czar has been memorable for me, and this show was no exception. Most of the art that was on display was done by artists that are not really known in a gallery setting, because they are either knee deep in the apparel industry, or there just wasn’t a particular show where they fit in. So Chris Parks, and Josh Smith, both apparel artists themselves set out to create an art show to expose the talent behind the apparel industry…. Back in Black II…
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Result-driven Web Media

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Back in Black II -  T-Shirt Art Exhibit

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